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This site is operated by a Muscle Car enthusiast for all the Muscle Car enthusiasts out there! Everything from Classifieds to Blogs to Photos and News are here!  Below, You can find Muscle Cars for sale in our Classifieds.  In the right column, you can find our Muscle Car News feed section along with Muscle Car articles from our blog in our recent posts.  If you prefer the left column, there you will find links to our most recent uploads.

Muscle Car Life is a totally FREE site!  If you have a Muscle Car that you want to sell, you can list it for FREE in our Muscle Car for sale classifieds!  If you would like to have your Muscle Car featured in our Blog for FREE, you can do that as well.  Just let our staff know about your Muscle Car and we’ll do our best to give your classic Muscle Car the exposure that it deserves!

“Life is Good when you live the Muscle Car Life!”

Mike Ditty Funny Car Photos

If you’ve been browsing the Internet for the past several years, you’ve probably come across some vintage photographs such as this one from Southern California drag strips of the late 60s.  The mystery photographer was Mike Ditty, and he began to share his vintage photographs online for only a few years before he left us for the big drag strip in the sky.  Just by happenstance after Mike’s passing, Dr. Pete had the opportunity to acquire a large portion of the original slides from the Mike Ditty estate.  Now, he is excited to share these images here at!

Mike Ditty Funny Car Drag Racing Photos

Dyno Don Eliminator II

Each original slide will be scanned for best color and resolution and will be posted here in our blog section at Muscle Car Life.  Every few weeks, a new image will be posted with a corresponding article detailing the history of the car, driver, builder, and track.  Most of these drag strips no longer exist, and are now historically significant. We are confident that these images will not only bring back fond memories to those who originally experienced the events, but will also create new interests within a new generation of Muscle Car enthusiasts!


Does my car qualify for the FREE Blog?

At the present time, we do have a few standards that must be met in order to qualify for a FREE inclusion into our blog.

  1. You have previously shown your car at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals (MCACN).  Please Contact Us and tell us what year your car was entered, describe your car and provide all options, features, and any factory documentation and historical information that makes your car unique.  There is a great chance that we already have a photo of it in our files. We will follow up with you via return email.
  2. You have a “Barn Find” or you have a “Garage Find” that you want to let the world know about. Fill in the Contact Us form. For use of your Photos, we will personally follow up with you via return email to discuss and provide uploading information.
  3. You have a freshly restored car or a show winning car and want to announce it.  Same info as above. Fill in the Contact Us form.
  4. If you have a car that you want to sell, please use our Classifieds section.  You can list your car for sale and upload your own photos. Once the ad is approved by our staff, it will then become visible on the Internet.

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