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Looking for Muscle Cars?  Do you want to buy or sell?  Want to window shop? Well, you can do all of that and more here at Muscle Car Life!  My site is designed for the Muscle Car Enthusiast in mind.  I have a classified section where you can browse for Muscle Cars and for those hard to find parts.  I also have a blog where you can take a look at some of my favorite Muscle Cars and collector cars from auctions that I’ve attended.  I’m also a long time sponsor of the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals and in 2016, I sponsored the Day 2 display.

All Classified ads here on Muscle Car Life are priced exactly the same as your local Craigslist or Facebook, and that would be FREE.  Free to list and FREE to view.

Each classified ad is automatically optimized and listed with Google for the best search engine results. Make, Model, Year, and unique options or special equipment will provide an even more specific listing with Google for more potential customers to see your Muscle Car Classified.  The classified ads here at Muscle Car Life are seen not only Nationwide but also Worldwide, and they can be viewed by millions of people thanks to Google.

Don’t limit yourself to your local community or to the same old users of your forums. Take the leap and move your business up in the world by placing your ad here! 

You have absolutely nothing to lose when you list your Muscle Car or parts in my classified section.

Register as a member to begin listing your ads today. Your email and other information will only be used as contact information here at Muscle Car Life.


Sell My Firebird

I’ve taken the worry out of selling your Muscle Cars as well.  Many of my customers have told me that they don’t know how to sell their car.  I’ve just simplified it. 

I’m starting with Pontiac Firebirds.  I buy Firebirds.  You can contact me after you tell me a bit more about your Firebird on my contact form. Click Here or on the photo.

I sponsored the Real Day 2 Invitational at MCACN and you will find photos and stories about the Day 2 Muscle Cars below.

Day 2 MCACNDay 2 Muscle Car Invitational at MCACN

Muscle Car Life was proud to present the Day 2 Muscle Car Invitational at the 2016 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals.  A Day 2 Muscle Car has been restored or preserved with period correct bolt on speed parts from back in the day.  The Day 2 Muscle Car Display at MCACN contained about two dozen muscle cars of various makes that feature bolt on aftermarket parts from the era that the car was built.  Muscle Cars from Mr. Norm’s Dodge, Baldwin Motion, Yenko Chevrolet, Nickey Chevrolet, and other models from Pontiac, Chevrolet, Ford,  Plymouth and Dodge are represented in this Day 2 Muscle Car Display.  Just click on the Day 2 photo above for featured photos and articles about these cars!


MCACN 2017

I’ve been a proud sponsor of the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals since its inception back in 2009.  If you can only go to one show in your life, MCACN is the one you must attend. The cars that you will have the opportunity to see at this show may not be seen anywhere else, so don’t miss out. Don’t forget to visit my sponsors who help me keep this site up!

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