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From original muscle cars to the newest factory muscle cars and everything in between. You will find all the latest muscle car news and information here at Muscle Car Life. Muscle cars used to be seen on a daily basis decades ago, but now if you are lucky, you can only see them at car shows and special get togethers on the weeknds. Here at Muscle Car Life you can find updates on all your favorite muscle cars. Our daily Muscle Car updates are found on this main page, so you never have to worry about old muscle car information. Other Muscle Car updates will be posted with pictures as time permits. Your dream car awaits you, so bookmark our site and come back and visit us daily for information about your trophy car, your family treasure, or your personal lifetime goal.

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This is the biggest Muscle Car event for 2012 !

See over 40 Yenko Super Cars under one roof in November 2012 !
The 2012 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago
will be the place to be if you are a serious Muscle Car enthusiast !

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the largest
gathering of Yenko Super Cars ever assembled !

By the way, a new Yenko book is going to be printed in 2013,
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Did I forget to tell you that most of the indoor photos posted on this site
were taken at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals ??

Well, they were, so enjoy


Specialty Muscle Car Dealers and builders are not forgotten.
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Photos and descriptions will be posted here as time permits.
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New York Post

Coned-off Park Slope muscle car infuriates residents
New York Post
The self-centered street hog even penned the words “Dodge Challenger” on the cones, which he places in front of, next to, behind and on top of the muscle car when it's parked. On the grill is a flashing blue light to keep people from touching his ride, ...

Wall Street Journal

The New Ford Mustang Proves Muscle Cars Aren't Dead
Wall Street Journal
Tighter carbon-emission standards around the world and higher fuel-economy rules in the U.S. were to mean the end of muscle cars, or at least affordable ones. But, pleasant surprise, cars have actually gotten stronger, quicker, faster. Overall ...

and more »

New York Times

Seized and Sold: The Marshal Holds a Muscle Car Auction
New York Times
Usually, the public auction of a valuable muscle car collection is a meticulously staged event. But this sale was a few-frills affair by the United States Marshals Service, arranged to dispose of nine all-star examples from Detroit's era of ...

New York Daily News

Muscle Cars Going High-Tech to Balance Power with Mileage
When the all-new, 50th anniversary Ford Mustang rolls into showrooms next month, buyers will have the option of ordering the pony car's familiar V-8 – this year pumped up to a tire-spinning 435 horsepower – or a base V-6. But Ford also is offering a ...
Test Drive: 2015 Ford Mustang GT kicks the pony car wars into top gear!New York Daily News
Ford Mustang and Ferrari Car makers adding more teeth to high-tech muscle carsWallStreet OTC
2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost: Boosting Engine Sounds with SpeakersLatin Post
SlashGear -AutoExpress -Delhi Daily News
all 145 news articles »

Old Car City USA is Full of Abandoned Muscle Cars and Classics
Hot Rod Magazine
A creative group, they'd use scrap metal to build towers and airplanes and other oddities in and around the rusting frames of muscle cars and '50s classics. Eventually, the place became more of an art project than a working salvage yard, and that's ...


What Muscle Car Can Handle Surprisingly Well Too?
Modern muscle cars continue to prove them wrong, and there are plenty of historical examples that do too. I have been driving a certain flavor of Dodge Challenger (not the Hellcat, sadly) for the past week and what has amazed me most is how neutral it ...

Bradley Jay: 'Muscle Car Foliage Ride. Buckle Up!'
CBS Local
For many, owning a muscle car such as a Mustang, a Camaro, a Corvette, or a GTO is the ultimate automotive fantasy. And one of the most common daydreams associated with such a machine is the long drive to Vermont or New Hampshire on a crisp fall day ...

Lodi News-Sentinel

Old cars find new homes at Muscle Car Madness Car Show and Auction
Lodi News-Sentinel
Andrew Ricci, 15, with dad Don Ricci, left, and grandfather Gary Ricci, all of Lodi, are all smiles after Don Ricci just bought a 1966 Chevrolet C10 Short Bed for Andrew as his first car during Huisman Auctions' second annual Muscle Car Madness Car ...

and more »

UW Today

UW students to build hybrid-electric muscle car in EcoCAR3 contest
UW Today
The UW team runs on undergraduate talent and hard work, with about 60 students prepared to put in thousands of hours collectively to engineer and design a hybrid Camaro, while keeping the car's iconic flair as a high-performance “muscle car.” Visit UW ...

Lodi News-Sentinel

Muscle Car Madness show and auction to be held this weekend
Lodi News-Sentinel
Did you see those classic cars at the Lodi Street Faire on Sunday? Those vintage rides were just a small preview of the Muscle Car Madness at the Lodi Grape Festival Grounds this weekend. It's a three-day classic car show and auction, full of muscle ...

Google News




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