Color Chip Cuda

Color Chip Cuda

Paint Chip Cuda

Color Chip Cuda

This custom Color Chip Cuda was created to replicate the multi colored Cuda that was pictured in the original 1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System brochure.  That particular Cuda demonstrated all the available color choices a buyer could select for the 1970 Plymouth Cuda.  As it turned out, there never was an original multi colored 1970 Cuda, it was only an artistic rendering.

Tim Wellborn of the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum is the man behind this Color Chip Cuda.  He was one of the many thousands of young men who saw the original Rapid Transit Brochure and decided it was time to lift the idea from paper and to place it onto an actual Plymouth Cuda.  The 1970 Cuda shown here at the 2016 MCACN show is based on a low mileage 383 Cuda that had been stored in a warehouse for a couple of decades.  It was decided that only the passenger side of the car would be customized as the Color Chip Cuda and that the driver’s side would remain in its original Ivy Green color.  This 383 Cuda was equipped with a factory dual scoop hood which was carefully removed and replaced with a Shaker Hood and Scoop from the Wellborn parts bin.

So as not to damage the original paint, a white plastic automobile wrap was applied to the passenger side of the car, and then it was divided symmetrically into 25 sections for each available color.  Each color was separated from the other by a thin strip of black tape.  A Hemi Hockey Stick stripe was added for good measure.  The wrap and the paint was also applied to the Shaker Hood Scoop and the vinyl top to add an even more professional look to the finished product.  This custom work was performed by Charles Handler and Trey Hansen at their Bomb Factory in New Orleans.  I’ve been told that this car is scheduled to appear on their television show “Big Easy Motors” in addition to being shown here at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago.

Tim and Pam Wellborn are excited to have this new acquisition at their museum.  I would be too!